"Thank you so much for everything you have done for her and for us. I honestly believe that Music Therapy and your support has helped her to develop into the mature and chatty young lady she is today.
I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done and continue to do"

- Parent of 17 yr old girl with Cerebral Palsy

"His anxiety levels and aggressive behaviours have decreased ... and [he] hardly ever lashes out at others and only occasionally self harms ... These behaviours used to occur frequently, they could go on for days and sometimes weeks.  He now appears more in control of these behaviours.  He is using speech and making longer sentences using them in context ... It is obvious that [he] benefits from Music Therapy.  He hasn't had many sessions and we can already see big changes in his behaviours"

- Parent of a man with Autistic Spectrum Condition

"[She] has really got benefit from the sessions, her self esteem and self confidence have improved a great deal at home and at school. [She] does talk about things that are bothering her now, still finds it a bit difficult to express her feelings, but it is improving slowly ... her anxiety is improving with receiving the Music Therapy sessions"

- Parent of a young person with Fragile X Syndrome

"Music Therapy was the first and is the foremost form of communication that he has at his disposal. His body and mind do not allow him an easy way to be heard. [His] relationship with you is crucial and has given him a safe environment to air his feelings and a way to enact with the world through music. I believe it has bought on his communication in leaps and bounds, given him confidence in his abilities and made him strive to achieve more"

- Parent of a boy with Profound and Complex Disabilities

"Music Therapy is extremely important for him.  He has an easy bond with [his therapist] and now feels safe to discuss his worries.  He was having difficulty talking through his worries and his Child Psychiatrist was concerned for him.  We have noticed an improvement in his emotional language and his openness to engage in conversation.  This communication has been so difficult for [him] in the past.  We feel he is in safe and competent hands.  Music Therapy has increased his confidence, given him a safe place to air his anxieties and indulge his love of music.  We are so grateful to [his therapist] for helping [him] through some very complicated emotions that he found in the past so difficult to communicate"

- Parent of a teenage boy with Autistic Spectrum Condition