Referrals and Fees


Download a referral form for Children and Young People 

Download a referral form for Adults 


Individual Therapy
£65 per session

Group Therapy
2 clients - £80 per session
3 clients - £100 per session
4 clients - £120 per session
5 clients - £140 per session and £20 per each additional client


Open Group Therapy
By it's nature, attendance at an open group will vary from week to week.  Institutions are welcome to negotiate a price with the therapist for an open group based upon the figures above and expected attendance levels.  You may wish to consider a review date so both the institution and the therapist have a chance to discuss renumeration once the group has been established. 

All fees include session preparation, report writing, clinical supervision and multi professional liaison.

There may be additional fees as appropriate dependent on the travel time and expense and requirement of the therapist to attend meetings.